About us

Speak your mind out dressing up with Santragolie collection of T-shirts and hoodies. The most desirable collection of T-shirts and hoodies from the site is available for men, women, and kids at the most affordable prices.   

Santra Mantra

Santra (orange) flavor is tangy, refreshing, and mouth-watering which makes it different from usual fruit flavors. It can add a zing thing (the chatkara) to taste and fragrance.

Santragolie is a symbol of unity in diversity as it mingles several unique tastes in single gulp-able and leaves the mouth with a heavenly feeling that lasts long.

Threaded Just For You

We are acquainted with your desire for making a collection of T's (shirts) in different colors and unique graphics. We understand your passion and taste well.

Therefore, we have threaded the most vivid and vivacious T-shirts and have made them available for you on a single site for your convenience.

We make an effort to connect your T-shirts to your mind and soul. Just the way your tattoo speaks for you so does our t-shirts collection. But they are the way to light on pocket and your skin.

No Pain Only Gain!

 Make way for our diverse collection of wearable T-shirts.

Shout silently your passion, opinion, and expression.

We are your way of expression and personality grooming. We say the things which are up in your mind through our unique graphics and let you wear your opinions.

With great designs and colors which are socially relevant, we love to make plain Jane t-shirts, the trendiest and the most talked about things in your peer.

The trend and hot issues of our society make the hot selling designer prints of our T-shorts collection be it lockdown or spreading bookish Gyan.

We believe that pinpointing to things related to our daily life via funny quotes, motifs, one-liners, sometimes slang or gags can inspire, annoy, laugh, or motivate you and the onlookers.

Our team of expert designers strives hard to bring the most brilliant, eye-catching, creative, and mind strikingly lazy designs to make you look and stay cool.

You Are Our Divine Guidance

We believe that our clients; today's' YOUth, is our divine guidance. Afterall every creation of God is HIS part. So, we try to reach your heart by offering the most relatable prints, fabrics, colors, and patterns in T-shirts and hoodies.

Come and join the collection squad of SantraGolie!

Please let us know your opinions to info@santragolie.com.